LibGDX – Best games

Recently, I’ve been impressed by a lot of polished games made with libGDX. So I started to search for some good looking games made with this tool. Strangely the libGDX site isn’t the best place to start searching due to its messed gallery.

So I gather some best games myself to save you from the hard work. Here’s my list.



Tap Tap Dash (Android, iOS)

Next, Zombie Age 3: Survival Rules (Android)

Then, Shipwrecked:Castaway Island (Android, iOS)

The next is Epic Heroes War: Blade Knights & Dragons Dungeon (Android)

So, the next is a “Box2” based game, Stone Pillar (Android)

Then, Bunny Skater (Android)

The next is Glowing Dash Meltdown (Android and iOS)

Now a FarmVille like game, Village and Farm (Android, iOS)

A Candy Crush twin, Candy Frenzy (Android)

Moy 4, a pet game with tons of mini-games (Android)

Next, Spartania: The Spartan War (Android)

And finally, the most beautiful game made in libGDX IMHO – Pathway (Steam)

Errata: On the previous version of the post, I’ve noticed a game called Revenant Knight. Although the game is beautiful and its present on the libGDX game gallery, it was actually made with Unity 3D.