Interoperability with LibGDX, Gradle and AIDE

Before we start the interoperability part, let’s dive into the AIDE part. AIDE is an Android IDE you can install on any device running the Android OS. Once you installed it, you can build Android apps using the Android SDK plus you can use the native interface with NDK and also LibGDX. It also supports Gradle build system and Git. But there’s a drawback: lack of gradle support for LibGDX projects.


So, I came up with a solution based on this post on StackOverflow.

The steps are:

  1. Create a LibGDX project. It will create a Eclipse based project;
  2. Post the recently created project into a Git repo;
  3. On desktop, get the repository and update it to a Gradle project, but keep the .classpath, and the files related to Eclipse project;
  4. Important step: rename build.gradle on android folder to builde.gradle (I know, it’s a workaround, but worked for me);
  5. Post back the code to your repository;
  6. Update your repo on Android device, and open the android project.

It was I did to keep my game development while moving to work.

PS.:  For some reason, renaming build.gradle to builde.gradle works most time. But I know it isn’t the perfect solution. So if you face some problem, let me know on comments.